Top 10 %

It’s official, Katie is in the top 10% of her class! In Texas that’s a pretty big deal because you are automatically admitted to any of the Texas State schools. Tomorrow we have a breakfast with all the other top 10percenters and their families. The kids will be given they graduation cap and gown and they can wear it for the rest of the day if they choose to. Not only is Katie in the top ten percent, she was voted one of the 3 girls in her class “Most Likely to Succeed” and there is almost 830 kids in her class. So what do you think about that?

In the picture above she hs being congratulated by her principal (Bill Lakin) and the Superintendent of the Klein Independent School district (Dr. Jim Cain).

Does this sound familiar? Yes, you have heard it before in 2006

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  • Stu

    Well, I think that is GREAT! Can’t say I am surprised. I always knew you and Linda had the right formula for raising kids.

  • Thanks Stu, you know what else was cool? We looked around the room and saw mostly people we knew and many who were there when Sarah got it.

  • Stu

    Yeah, we’re trying to be able to do the same thing as well. Emily is in 4th grade and Lauren in 2nd, and they have a lot of friends since 1st grade. We are planning/hoping we can stay here till they graduate HS.