Cloud Streets


I saw something really wild while I was out fishing the other day.  It was early mooring and pretty calm and clear.  A dolphin was following me around like a stray puppy (but that is another story).  I noticed a big cloud bank heading my way, like when a storm rolls in.  It had a very well defined leading edge.  As it got closer I could see that there was a gap in the clouds, then clear sky, then another line of clouds.

They were as wide as I could see and perpendicular to the ocean which was about a half a mile away.  They seemed to be moving very fast especially since it didn’t seem windy.  As the first one passed over me, the air seemed colder and more humid.  It was so cool looking I took my camera out and snapped some pics and even a short video.  The clouds were lined up like waves coming onto the beach.  One by one they passed overhead.  There were maybe 6 or 7 before they were replaced by regular clouds.

I have never seen anything like this.  When I got back I tried to look up what kind of clouds I had just seen.  The closest I could find were called Cloud Streets or von Kármán vortex streets.  When you are out paddling your little plastic boat you just never know what you will see.

cloudstreet25 cloudstreet26
cloudstreet27 cloudstreet24
cloudstreet31 cloudstreet28

1 comment to Cloud Streets

  • Thom Lawrence

    Great pictures. When I took astronomy at USF it included some weather (?). The professor told us about ‘streets’. I have seen one, but not many in progression.
    What’s up with the dolphin?