London Calling

As many of you know Linda and I took a trip to London.  Linda went on a business trip then I joined her and we spent 5 days in London.  Before I got there the weatherman predicted rain every day of our holiday.  When we were sitting in the terminal waiting for our plane home we saw our first drops.

We stayed at a hotel that was perfect for our visit.  It was not real fancy but it was clean, reasonably priced and the best possible location I could imagine.  We got a 7 day TravelCard which allowed us to ride all the trains, subways and buses in London, and we put it to good use.  Most of our days were spent zipping here and there checking out all the typical London attractions although more than once we just hopped on a bus and went that-a-way to see what was out there.  Our favorite spots were the Tower of London and the various markets we visited.

I could write pages about what we did and things we learned but instead I will offer a few pictures and tips;

  • The London TravelCard was a great option (don’t confuse it with the London Pass)
  • Don’t miss the markets, they are all not open on the same days so do some homework.  The Borough Market and Brick Lane Market were amazing, both focus on food, they are not to be missed
  • The TripAdvisor Tour Guide app was extremely helpful, it took a little while to figure out how to best use it (without a cell phone data connection) but it was more than worth the effort
  • When navigating the city, terminals or stores know that Londoners are always on the move.  If you are not from the northeast your first impression will be that they are being a little rude, but they are not, they just like to keep it moving.  London is extremely multicultural/international and people seemed very tolerant – just go with the flow

Here are some pics we took.  This was the first trip ever where we didn’t take a camera, just our phones.  My cameras take better pictures but you can’t beat the convenience of the cell phone camera.




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