Get Trampled


I just stumbled across this and I had to post.  Apparently it’s the 40th anniversary of one of my favorite albums and all time favorite songs.  The album is  Physical Graffiti, the song is Trampled Under Foot, the band is Led Zeppelin.

it was a double album and the cover had windows cut out with pictures and letters that could slide back and forth changing what was in the windows.  You used to pour over albums and their artwork it was part of the full musical experience.

This is from the laughingsquid web site where I found the video.  Make sure you find the boy  in the picture (this one struck close to home, I guess Sarah came by it naturally) and the lady on the couch, you might not be able to look away.  You can navigate using the arrow keys while the song is playing, you can also click on the windows when the video starts.  I had to watch several of them all the way through.  I am hard pressed to tell you why but I am doing it again as I write this.  I love this song, I’m talking bout love.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the legendary Led Zeppelin album Physical Graffiti, the surviving members of the band, in collaboration with director/creator Hal Kirkland, storytelling agency Interlude and production company PRETTYBIRD, have created a richly interactive video that invites viewers to explore the mysteriously enticing rooms behind the building facades pictured on the album cover. All the while, a previously unreleased rough mix of “Trampled Under Foot” (in its early working title form called “Brandy and Coke”) accompanies the visitor’s virtual journey.

Fans have never had so many ways to explore and see a music video come alive. By selecting one of the featured 16 windows, the audience can enter into the room and will discover events that pay homage to the window illustrations on the original artwork. Featuring archival footage, such as the band’s full Earl’s Court performance of the song, original animation and more, Interlude technology allows viewers to follow and interact with characters from room to room without disrupting the flow of the song.

3 comments to Get Trampled

  • Thom Lawrence

    Back in the day I used to go to Nickel’s Alley in Gainesville to unwind after a long day of making pizzas in Starke. And this is one of the songs they played; Led Zeppelin (in a disco establishment).

  • theChristys

    You expect me to believe that?
    You expect me to believe that you used to hang out in disco bars? Now you have gone too far.
    Linda and I used to go to Nickel’s Alley in Jax, they had .05 beers and a lighted dance floor, I don’t remember them playing Zeppelin but there was plenty of Lynyrd Skynyrd mixed in with the Bee Gees

  • Thom Lawrence

    If you lived in Starke, wouldn’t you hang out at a place that served nickel beer? (What do you do for fun in Starke? Leave.) Okay, yes, there was a lighted dance floor, and more Bee Gees (and Donna Summer) heard than Led Zep. And yes, after a quarter’s worth of beer I would probably be seen out there.