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One of my kids and her husband went off to Singapore to do a little adventuring.  Turns out Singapore was celebrating their 50th birthday so they got to be part of the festivities.  They are going all over the island trying all kinds of new stuff and having a blast.

This picture is one that Sarah posted on her Instagram account with a little story.  Back when Singapore was only half as old as it is now, Sarah was about 2, and I went on a business trip that included Singapore.  My internal clock was all messed up and I was wondering the streets around midnight.  This restaurant set up tables out in the street in front of it’s indoor seating area, not the sidewalk, in the street.  Most of the tables had people sitting at them eating, drinking and having a good time.  As I walked by I noticed that pretty much everyone had the same thing, a bowl of (what turned out to be) spicy noodles and a Tiger beer – a BIG Tiger beer.  I am not sure if that was all they sold or that was what was best.

By the time I reached the end of the row of tables I had decided it all looked REALLY good and I should try some.  I turned around, found an empty table and ordered my noodles and beer.  The people watching was good and sipping my beer while I waited for the noodles I could feel some of the jet lag sliding off my back.  The noodles were spicy, the beer was cold and it was probably the best meal I had on my whole trip.  It was more than that.  I recalled that fond memory several occasions.  Surprisingly, someone was listening.

Yesterday Sarah and Greg were wandering the streets of Singapore and saw a street with tables setup and people eating spicy noodles and drinking beer.  I doubt that it will be one of the best meals of their trip but I know for at least two of us it will be a lifetime memory.

β€œ Tonight was a very full circle moment for me. When I was much younger my Dad used to travel for work. One of my favorite stories of his was how one night walking through the streets of Singapore he saw people sitting in the streets eating bowls of spicy noodles with giant beers and just stopped to enjoy. Today I got to experience the same thing. Thanks for the wanderlust dad. β€œ

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  • Sarah

    Excellent story. You didn’t tell me just HOW good the food was going to be there though. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite meal. I love you dad.