Check out my ‘ible

I have just published my first “instructable”. If you are not familiar with Instructables, it is a website where people post how-to projects, everything from how to make a pet rock to building your own car. It really is  worth a look, lots of interesting stuff.

My ‘ible as the site veterans say, is closer to the pet rock side of the spectrum. It shows how to make a cable you can use with the little electronics projects I am always tinkering around with. I know most pretty much all of you are not likely to need this bit of hardware wizardry but I decided to force it on you anyway since you read my blog. Also, everyone can see my instructable’s project view counter and I can’t make it go over 1 by myself. I know there are at least 6-8 people who need this information but it just may take them some time to find it.

“. . . so why did you do it?” I hear you mentally mumbling. Well I will tell you.  Every time I need to know something, every time I just wonder if there is such a thing, every time I run out of things to wonder about – I go to the internet and there it is. The answer. Not always the right answer but it’s a start. When you are desperate to know if ear wax is flammable (it is) of if you can cook a full meal with nothing but toothpicks (you can) who are you going to ask? Your friends? Your mom? Of course not, all you can do is hope that not only are you not the first person who needed to know these things but someone before you had the foresight and the decency to post about it. So why did I do it? To even the score a bit. I don’t know who is going to need to make a USB power cable but someone will and I have left them some digital bread crumbs.   I wouldn’t be here today If I didn’t have that fire extinguisher handy when I needed it. We all have to do our part.


2 comments to Check out my ‘ible

  • Thom Lawrence

    And here I thought you had to use a knife to strip wires. That is a really nice wire stripper you have there.

  • theChristys

    Thank you, I saw it a year or so ago on a video and knew I had to have one. In one of my classroom projects I had to strip both ends of 200 plus wires – it was a no-brainer