. . . my favorite magazine.  I think it’s like one of those energy bars for your mind.  That’s not saying much but, to me, it’s a good combination of technology, pop culture, gadgets and ideas.wired1705

I have been a subscriber for many years.  Tidbits and hip phrases have powered my “man about silicone valley” persona at cocktail parties and other imagined events.

In my quest for a bargain, I tried to extend my subscription by buying a special “publishers subscription” on eBay.  The seller had plenty of positive reviews, about 96% so I gave it a go.  Long store short – ripped off.  Worse than that, I was without my monthly fix.  I had to use one of the 87 subscription cards that fell out of an old and decrepit copy.  The months crawled by, it seemed like months.  Finally I got one.

I don’t know if it was absence making the heart grow fonder or, this issue was just particularly good.  The theme was mysteries and puzzles.  I read it cover to cover.  I recommend taking a look.  Another thing Wired does really well is post their magazine online.  I don’t know if they have everything but they seem to.  Check out the story about the artwork stumping the CIA, or a Apocalypse Then: Our Favorite World Expiration Dates  Click on the picture above and drink it all in.


p.s. eBay has since outlawed the sales of magazine subscriptions . . .

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