Have you seen these kids?


I think you have . . .

image image image

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4 comments to Have you seen these kids?

  • No wonder there are so many kids on milk cartons. You guys wouldn’t recognize a movie star if they stared right at you from your favorite blog!

  • Linda

    OK. Numbering left to right, top to bottom, I have only guesses.

    #1 – Gilda Radner
    #2 – Looks REALLY familar, but I can’t place this one.
    #3 – Jody Foster ( I think I have this one)
    #4 – He is so cute, so I will guess Brad Pitt
    #5 – Again he looks really familar. Kind of like Bob.
    #6 – Jack Nicholson

    Is there a prize????

  • Thom

    Okay, I had to step in. Gilda Radner?

    That is Sarah Jessica Parker
    Tina Turner
    Helen Hunt
    Leo Di Caprio
    Bob Christy (okay, okay)
    and Keanu Reeves

  • Thom, you have either mastered the art of google or you have a keen eye. you got them all right except one. Linda, thanks for playing, your answers were so hard for Thom to deal with, he had to jump into the survey.

    I did not put myself in the mix. The last one stared in a SciFi remake that was worse than the one Keanu did (the day the earth stood still).