Do you know one?  Do you know what one is?  Is it someone who can’t stop playing those addictive flash games some web site have (you know the ones that infect your computer at every turn)?  Is it someone who walks around in a trench coat and opens it uncontrollably?  No, it is none of these.  It is a person who loves flashlights.  Yes flashlights.

At first you might think there isn’t that much to a flashlight, how much could someone get into them?  You would be wrong.  You can buy flashlights for less than 1$ and for more than $4000.  You can build your own from components like people do with computers.  You can customize them with high performance parts like car enthusiasts.  You have brand fanboys that rival Apple and Microsoft.  When you read a flashaholic review of the latest EDC (that would be Every Day Carry for you and me), they speak of the reflector, regulator, spill and hotspot with the same passion and creativity as a wine connoisseur reviewing the latest Pinot Noir. 

If you would like a taste of these discussions try one of the forums or message boards like CandlePowerForums  Or if that is too overwhelming, just a single post about a guy building a better light.  Even if you don’t know what any of the acronyms mean and can’t read an electrical diagram to save your neck you can get sucked in.  There are a lot of people into this hobby.  I find it all fascinating

Another great thing about flashlights is you can get some  good ones cheap.  Some hobbies require pretty hefty outlays to start the enjoyment, but you can get a flashlight that uses a single AA battery that will blow away any of the old flashlights laying around your house that use much bigger C and D size batteries and one of these uber-lights will set you back less than $15.  If you want to take a walk on the wild side try one of these (click on the pictures – I have both of these lights ordered from this reseller and recommend them) but be warned, once you get your hands on one of these aluminum bodied mini light sabers you can never go back to the old light in the drawer and it could be all you need to push you over the edge to becoming a . . . Flashaholic


7 comments to Flashaholics

  • Stu

    I know where you’re coming form. I don’t consider myself quite a flashaholic, but maybe just a casual user. I bought what looks like the one on the left (in black), and at first I thought it was an LED flashlight, but I am not sure that it is. It has a single element and it is bright as hell. The on/off button is in the back. I picked it up in Shanghai for about $3.75

  • theChristys

    $3.75 is a great price! Yes, both of these are Cree lights. They are much brighter than standard Lumileds. Cree and Lumiled are company names they each have several models and generations of emmitters (light sourse). Lumiled made the original LED lights, Cree is famous for brighter more efficient lights. Both are technically LEDs

  • Katiebird

    i like candles. caveman style

  • theChristys

    well they are not too good for shining down on your toes! that’s OK – I will keep yours as a backup.

  • Stu

    Off topic but related, I also bought a very cool laser pointer. This one has what I would describe as a kaleidoscope type lens on the end that makes all sorts of crazy patterns in a VERY WIDE disbursement pattern. I took it outside and shot it at some trees from about 20 feet and it would wrap several trees in the front yard.

  • MK

    What does one do with the kaleidoscope laser pointer?

  • theChristys

    you show your friends, then you show people you know, then you “have” it