Lost Secrets Revealed

We like many families settled in last night to watch the climax of a TV show that has been running for years – LOST.  It was full of religion, mythology, symbolism and even physics and let’s not forget time travel.  Well the writers knew for a long time when the end would come, so they were able to neatly set everything up for the big reveal at the end.  The numbers, what the island really was, the others and why they stole kids, the flash sideways and what it really meant?  Was it a game, a struggle between good and evil, why was one brother not given a name?  These things were carefully crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat and tuning in next week for another clue.  But last night – finally – all of it was tied up in one neat little package.

Lost secret revieled

It wasn’t obvious at first, but there was a whole room full of fans at our house and as I listened to all the analysis, I was able to piece together about 90% of all the answers of which I will reveal to you in a simple, easy to understand post just in case you did not have the benefit of a room full of fans and experts like I did.  Here we go, all of the topics above and many many more can be explained with one simple theory – As Cheech Marin would say “they were just making chit up”  THAT’S RIGHT!  It seems so obvious now doesn’t it?

I wanted to go with something far more intricate and intellectual like many others.  I was more than willing to believe.  Religion, ancient mystics, aliens even adolescence of the future playing video games, I had cash in hand, ready to buy in.  But when the one true secret of the TV show Lost was revealed, I could not deny it no matter how hard I tried.  It was just some TV script writers that were having fun and got in over their heads, always looking backwards trying not to break too much, but there was no plan or big picture.  Then end of the roller coaster ride was just a wiggle and a bump.  I guess the thought was, “hey, all the other parts were good right?  We had you going didn’t we?”


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5 comments to Lost Secrets Revealed

  • Stu

    I was disappointed.

  • theChristys

    Stu where did the food drop come from and how did Jacob come and go from the Island?

  • Stu

    He was a spirit. It’s his brother that could not go. The food came from the submarine.

  • theChristys

    I don’t think you can kill a spirit with a knife to the chest and a parachute drop from a submarine may be more of a streach. The man in black/Lock couldn’t be killed by 10 rounds to the chest. The “light” went out for . . . how long? an hour? shouldn’t there have been some demons, or fire rain or something?

  • Stu

    Did they ever say where the numbers came from?