Cheese Dip – The National Food of Arkansas

Where to start?  OK, I have this fantasy of traveling from here to there with the sole purpose of eating and acquiring food.  Where is “there” you ask?  I haven’t decided yet but I suspect it is northeast of Texas.  I will stop at Sonnys, I will buy King Syrup and will eventually acquire several large pieces of Taylor Pork Roll before my return.  It is a “Food Road trip”.  This takes planning.  Well I was getting in a little research and wondered “what is the special local food in Arkansas?”  Within a few mouse clicks I had my answer and discovered it was Cheese Dip (AKA Queso for those of you in the Lone Star State). 

On a different but related topic, I watch movies.  Some of those movies are off-beat documentaries.  I have forced my family to endure many of these films, now they no longer squirm when I suggest we will be previewing a true tale about cooking with tree bark or the history of toilet paper.  What does this have to do with cheese dip?  Glad you asked, I found a small documentary about cheese dip in Arkansas and it’s online!  It is about 20 minutes long and may or may not be worth your time.  It’s by Nick Rogers and it’s called In Queso Fever

“In Queso Fever: A Movie About Cheese Dip” from Nick Rogers on Vimeo.

I will add that I have developed my own 4 Star Cheese Dip and the only living soul to know the secret recipe is my daughter Katie.  She uses it to enslave party goers and force them to do her bidding.  I on the other hand, only use the power of cheese for good.

3 comments to Cheese Dip – The National Food of Arkansas

  • Katiebird

    only for good! That is such a beautiful picture…

  • Thom Lawrence

    We lived in (Fayetteville) AR for 4 years, never knew that it was known for cheese dip. That is the problem, AR is not known for many things, especially NW AR. Except for Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, and that guy with the cigar. We used to say, “If you want to get away from it all, come see us. We aren’t even close to it.”

  • theChristys

    Well at least AR has cheese dip. When I used to travel a lot I would always ask the locals what was special food-wise in this area. I got mostly anticipated answeres, except in Utah. I was talking to a group of customers, finally one said “family buffet” and they all agreed. The national food of Utah is family buffet.