It’s That Time of the Year !

That’s right, contracts almost up, time to get a new cell phones. Since Linda and I are almost the same person, of course we need the same phone. Also, if I figure out all the bells and whistles, I can flatten out the learning curve for my better half.
This time we went with one of those new-fangled touch screen phones, you know, like an iPhone but different. We were pretty happy with our old Samsungs so we will give the next generation a try.
Katie has a Blackjack II and Sarah has a Blackberry Curve, full blown smart phones. They seem to like them, they have a full keyboard which is nice. But they require a $30 a month data plan EACH. Ours just have that “virtual” keypad but I think it will be better than the standard number pad for sending texts, and it only needs a “lite” data plan ($15 each). I don’t know if we will keep that plan or not.
Tell me, do you use your phone for anything other than phone calls and texts?

8 comments to It’s That Time of the Year !

  • Thom

    We live at the other end of the spectrum. I have daughters that may not even turn on their phones 75% of the time. Trey the techno-engineer still has a phone-phone. Probably because he is paying the bill for it; wait till contract time, that will change. Pam has a company Blackberry and hates it. I have a work cell that theoretically plays music, por que? Isn’t that what stereos (and possibly computers) are for? (Yes, I have no iPod.)

  • You can take the boy out of Avon Park but . . .

    Thanks for the honesty. Our daughters might choose to give up democracy before they gave up their phones

    I personally am fascinated by the technology

  • Sarahcakes

    Give me RIM or give me death!

  • no Apple people among you?

  • Katiebird

    GO MAC’S!

  • Lemme guess, the academic from the NE is sporting a piece of fruit on her phone???

  • well, actually, at the moment, I'm stuck using a Motorola Q, but I'm flipping back to a b'berry or to an Apple. I REALLY want to try the iPhone to go with my other Mac life… but AT&T; is a MAJOR downer…. so I'm not sure yet.

    Yes, snow!!!!!! I was happy to see the flakes down there… hope you enjoyed it.

  • I’m not sure I know what “iPhone to go with my other Mac life” means?