Do you need to be Hacked?

hack – verb, to hack – to modify from it’s original state to improve functionally. In the early days of computers hacking was something done by nefarious denizens of the geek underground, usually to allow access to something that was not paid for.

Now, “hacking something” has less negative connotations. There is an interesting site with a lot of helpful and thought provoking information called One of the recent “hacks” was a gathering of responses to a question – “what advice would you give a younger you” the resulting compilations is called 34 Tips for Your Younger Self It’s an interesting question. What nuggets of wisdom would you pass on to yourself if you go back in time. Turns out most of the suggestions would be good advice for all of us. What would you say?

There are a lot of other kinds of posts, like how to tell if your hard drive is dying or how to put on a fabulous Sunday brunch.

We can all use a little hack once in a while.

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