The Latest Mean Green

The soul searching is over. The pros and cons have been weighed. Deposits have been sent in and we have received “the final answer” The University of North Texas has scored a huge victory in successfully recruiting our very own Katherine Allison.

It wasn’t an easy choice. Scholarships were offered, programs were evaluated and teachers test driven. Soon we will hear the “Ca Caaaw” reverberating though the house as Katie prepares for the role of Mean Green / Eagle supporter. Officially they are the Eagles and their color is green but they had a famous football player pass through their program and now their unofficial name is the Mean Green. Can you guess the famous players name???

Oh, and they have one of the best music programs in the country. North Texas was the first university to offer a degree in Jazz Studies in 1947. The College of Music is noted for building a world-class jazz program. They also have had their share of successful people attend the university including; Roy Orbison, Thomas Haden Church, Bill Moyers, Dr. Phil McGraw, Ann Sheridan, Pat Boone, Don Henley and Norah Jones to name just a few.

Hopefully one day some dad will be writing about the school his child will be attending and he will include my kid in his list of impressive graduates.

4 comments to The Latest Mean Green

  • Stu

    So this is the school that is geographically desirable?

  • well it wasn’t the one in New England so yes, as far as the parents are concerned this one was more geographically desireable

  • Proud UNT Mom

    We couldn’t be happier with Katie’s choice! The professors are both amazing, she already has a great roommate lined up, and we get to see her play!

    I got out my UNT MOM cup I have been hiding and now can use it in the open!

  • Patty

    Go Katie!!! I am so proud. Seeing as how I have 2 nieces, 1 nephew and a stepson graduating this year, I won’t be able to make your graduation. But!!! Keep me posted on your concert schedule! Who knows – I just might show up!