Giddy Up

There is a lot going on. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo is in town, and remember when I told you that my car makes me smile? Well now I am downright giddy.

Linda and I were walking down past the old saloon when all of the sudden there was dust everywhere and a lone guitar twanged in the distance signifying something significant was about to happen. The guttural sound turned into a roar like the noise a 300hp V8 would make if it were to be let loose rounding a corner. I had to think fast, convertible – check, GT – check, automatic – check, heated seats (hey, it can get nippy out here on the plains) – check! I made my move and lassoed that Mustang. Can I keep it Linda? Can I? Can I?

So now when I pass by the same trees and small imports, my smile is a little wider, my foot a little heavier and life is even better.

8 comments to Giddy Up

  • Patty

    Wow! It is fabulous!!!

  • Linda

    I have to tell you, Bob actually gunned it. For any of you who have ridden with him (as the girls and I have for countless miles) you know Bob does not speed, Bob does not tailgate, Bob does not zoom up on people, and Bob never, ever guns it! He is a new Bob. We love him and his shiny new mustang.

  • Linda

    And yes, he can keep it!

  • Stu

    Wait a minute! So Bob got the classic middle aged crazy car? Did you trade in the Saab?

    I have not traveled as many miles with Bob as you have, but I have logged my share of miles.

    Once we were going somewhere, maybe lunch in Boca or on a trip to Orlando to learn Novell stuff, but, some guy cut us off. I thought nothing of it since I probably drove the same way.

    Bob frumped his brow and in a very disapproving tone said, “that driver is a menace”.

    Hey Bob, you’ve become Joe Muni!

  • Go ahead Stuart mock me now, I do not have a black belt in martial arts, I do not have a body fat ratio less than my age or even a position of power and athority at a major computer company, BUT, my teenage girls still call me daddy and with my top down I smile all the way to and from work everyday

  • frannie

    Be safe in your new beutiful car!!!
    You do share with Linda and the girls, don’t you?

  • frannie

    Hi again- by the way- we’re REALLY looking forward to your visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just wish Sarah and Patty and her girls were coming too. Oh,that makes me think of something – the family reunion! (that you can plan because you are so good at stuff like that!!)
    Also, I really do know how to spell beautiful.

  • Frannie, we are looking forward to the visit as well. We are also dropping in on my sister in Priceton as well. As far as the reunion goes, we’ll talk turkey when we see you on Friday