Spring Break – the Family

We are just back from our whirlwind tour of the Northeast, colleges, Universitys and relatives. It was a little dodgy getting home, a lot of flights were canceled the day before but we were one of the lucky ones and after sitting on the plane for 6 hours we made it back to Houston safe and sound.

I am going to work backwards in recounting out trip. Our last night was spent with the NJ Police and Sprinkler mafia. We all had to brave blowing snow, unploughed streets and constant threat of the greater tri-state auto drivers and kamikaze squads

Having all wise guys and gals in one place, I couldn’t help but ask, as I was snapping this picture, “who here knew anything about where I could find Jimmy Hoffa?” As you can see, this is one well connected bunch, all except the two gentlemen on the left (Keith and Zack) who answered with the number “2”. Frannie (the ringleader of this particular event) muttered something about a list and flashed a sign with Patty and Stu’s name on it.

7 comments to Spring Break – the Family

  • frannie

    Funny you should mention Jimmy Hoffa!!!
    Have you heard of the witness protection program? Think about it, Bruce came into the family later, and…..just look at him!

    ps- You guys are great to have around. Michelle said Val’s comment the next day was that Katie is a NATURAL beauty!
    Hi again to Patty and Stu, but an extra special hi to another natural beauty, Sarah.

  • Stu

    Wow, I forgot you were traveling in all that snow. John in CT said they got tons of snow. In fact, they have a friend who works for NYC Metro and they had to go get his wife and kids to stay with them since he never made it home from the city. They felt safer being with other folks. I guess it was a bad storm. 6 hours on a plane, wow.

  • Julie

    OK–I’M BACK!!!!
    It was great fun seeing you all and I really enjoyed getting to know Katie a bit better. I definitely agree with the “natural beauty” comment….great personality too!

    Glad you had a safe flight–makes it worth the waiting.

    Hello to Stu– I am the proud daughter of Frannie….
    anything I say or do beyond this point–well, let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I am sad to report that just this second A&M; fell to Memphis…..
    …..maybe next year.

    Hope everyone is well and I am officially back in the looop!

  • Linda

    Hi Julie,

    Welcome back! Talk about natural beauties, you have two. Although they really need some Texas sunshine.

    Unfortunately, Bob and I also saw A&M; fall. It was painful. Yes, maybe next year. Tell Keith at least he has his other pool.

  • Julie

    Hi Linda–Thanks for the “Welcome back”! I think the girls need some Texas sunshine too!!! We’ll have to get serious about getting to the state where Kiley can really show off her new boots! It would be tons of fun! Have a good week!

  • Patty

    Texas sunshine??? What about Florida sunshine? I hope I get to see you guys soon. Thanks for the greeting on the sign!

    Go Gators!

  • julie

    Hi Patty! The Gators sure are going!!! Gators vs. Buckeyes!!! Wendy wins her pool if the Bucks win!

    We’ll take the Florida sunshine too….still waiting on the reunion plans…..

    Hope your crew is doing well!