The coolest nerdiest idea of the week


I shouldn’t even have to explain this one but I will to make the post seem longer.  

You write an email to a friend

you fill in your physical street address

you fill in your friends street address

press “Print”

Google prints your message and an envelope with a map highlighting driving directions between the From: and the To:

How cool is that?


4 comments to The coolest nerdiest idea of the week

  • Gregory Carter

    A totally delightful way to make sure your mail doesn’t end up on the wrong side of the world.

  • theChristys

    Someone asked me what happens when you mail something east to west, I just tole them they print it on the other side . . .

  • Sarahcakes

    How does it print the envelopes?

  • theChristys

    It’s just a design concept at this time but there are two ways they could do it. 1 – they could just print on a blank envelope, pretty much all printers today can print on envelopes. 2 – they could print the envelope on a page then you would have to fold it (and tape/glue it) into an envelope, this too has been done for a long time since the days of PrintShop