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I would like to share another piece of music with you from my current favorite album. The band is called The Heavy, the album is called “The House that Dirt Built”.   They have a gritty quality, they have horns and they sound like rock and roll to me.  With the energy of young band today they add some “groove” from the 70s. None of the songs on the album sound like any other, so matter what I play you won’t get a very accurate feel for the bands full sound, just one of their sounds. This brings me to another point. This is an old school style album rather than just a collection of singles. It sounds best when you listen to it all the way though, like a 11 course meal.

The Heavy – Love Like That


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2 comments to Now Playing – The Heavy

  • Gregory

    While playing some of “The Heavy” while working in our office, my teammate suggested that I listen to “Band of Horses”, which has a little bit lighter sound. I acquired some of the tunes and it is pretty good. I was wondering if you had ever heard of them?

  • theChristys

    I have heard of Band of Horses, but the last album I heard was a few years back. I don’t really see the similarity though. Most of the BOH songs sound very similar to each other, their sound is more “produced” and they don’t have much . . . grit. Of course it’s all subjective. The Heavy seems like more of the bastard love child of The Specials and Jack White – but that’s just me