Another Milestone

One of our clan has has just past one of those signposts on the road of life. Flying down the highway you can see the big numbers from a long way off. That’s why they call it the big 2 – 1. At some point you turn around to see what you have learned and what the sign might say on the other side. Everyones sign is different. I think mine said something about not wearing small underwear

To the current crop of 21 year olds, this point on the timeline represents two things, drinking and gambling. If some company could convince the government to ban kids from using their product until they were 21 they would be set for life. ABSOLUTELY NO Cream Rinse until you are 21. Boom – the sales of cream rinse go up 7000 %. The Cream Rinse shot is born.

Sarah and her friends spent a beautiful day at the Messina Hof winery among the vineyards learning the finer points of reds, whites and the hair of the dog that will bite them. We wish her the best, don’t be the squirrel. Happy Birthday.

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  • Thom

    Congrats. We have had two of ours encounter that milestone. They survived. Seems to me that someone else in the family will also be encountering (I hesitate to use the word ‘celebrate’) a milestone this year, one much bigger than the 2-1.

  • Linda


    You are so funny. HaHa. Since you have already conquered this milestone you can look of the rest of us with pity when you see the fear in our eyes as we approach it.

    I, of course, had to go first in January. Bob will follow in July and Pam will bring up the rear in September when she will be the last to celebrate the BIG 5-0. No birthday every bothered me before, but this one did. However, we celebrated in style with fireworks and everything (see January 11, 2009 post)!

    I am now past that. With the help of another friend named Pam, who is several years younger and has younger children. Recently we were having lunch and Pam Jr. commented that the kids take so much time shuttling them from activity to activity that, “What, will I have to wait until in am 50 years old to have any time for my husband and I to do the things we want!?!?” I just sat and looked at her and then calmly answered YEP. But I did remind her that she won’t be too decrepit to enjoy it. I am not sure I convinced her, but I am now convinced.

    50 is the new 30!……Thom, that make you on your way to 40.

  • Thom

    It’s worse than that. I am on my way to my 40th high school reunion. Four years away.

  • My God! you are older than most high schools

  • Thom

    People who live in grass huts shouldn’t stow thrones.