Movie endings

You know a movie ending can make all the difference. You might be watching something that is a little weird, maybe you aren’t really “getting it” then the movie ends with a flourish and BAM! it was a GREAT movie, you tell your friends to see it. Sometimes the opposite happens. You are into it, you care about the characters, you want them to get what’s coming to them. Then bam the credits roll. What?!? Did they live or die? What about the money? That wasn’t real was it? That movie is the equivalent of an interesting and elaborate joke who’s teller forgets the punchline. That sux.

Why am I telling you this? I was reminded tonight about a movie who’s ending (to me) ranks up there with the very best of them, I mean, it knocks it out of the park. The Bourne Ultimatum. It pulls it all together, the good guys are doing OK, the bad guys are getting theirs, it has that narration quality of wrapping up the loose ends, then the music kicks in, the words the beat the memories of previous Bournes, and then . . . the hero. That’s what I’m talking about!

So, can you think of a movie ending that just nails it for you?

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4 comments to Movie endings

  • Katiebird

    So I went and saw the new X men movie and on TV they have been running all the old ones. At the end of the third one after Magneto has been “cured” he is playing chess with metal pieces and he moves the king slightly with his powers. I thought that was a good ending like zamn maybe the cure didn’t totally work on him or maybe on any of them. I liked that one and Fight Club, to understand the movie you had to have seen the ending =P

  • very good examples Katie, how about Snach? or Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels?

  • Katiebird

    I don’t really remember those endings, I must have to watch them again lol.

  • Thom

    Sixth Sense. Best surprise ending.