Cool Christmas Presents #3

Continuing on the theme of enjoyable (electronic) Christmas gives, may I present the “iLive Home Music System with Built-in Subwoofer & Dock for iPod

Yes it’s a mouthfull but also an earfull. It’s really heavy and shiny, both good things for things that play music. It has real ooomph.

It plays any kind of iPod, has a radio, remote, clock and even input jacks to make your non-iPods kick out the jams. But best of all it sounds good and isn’t that the point of one of these things? Sarah gives it two thumbs up.

5 comments to Cool Christmas Presents #3

  • Linda

    It does not mention here that all these cool presents were provided by Santa Bob. Santa Bob spends many hours seeking the perfect gift at the perfect price. To an electronics junkie family, he is the best gift of all!

    Happy New Year!

  • In fact, we (as a family) have decided to return to Disney this holiday season instead of the traditional (read over the top) gift deluge. We are going to DisneyWorld in Florida and staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort. We stayed there many years ago and had a great time.

    OK. What happened to this statement? Just asking… I am never going to let my kid read your blog. She can hold it against me for a number of reasons. She would want to be adopted at 21 in a second. But better yet can you guys adopt a 53 year old emptynester who needs to get a life… really soon? Just asking…..

  • Vonnie, I’m not sure what statement you are questioning. We really did go to Disney. Although we don’t have a new house like some people we know, you are welcome to join us anytime.

  • Oh, I know that you went to Disney. I saw the pictures…I am smart like that. I was referring to the “deluge” of gifts. I saw the pictures….and looks like Santa was good to all…and it doesnt take someone smart to get that. No coal at your house this year. I am having adoption papers drawn up and have plans to be complete before Santa comes this year. The name Vonnie Christy has a good sound to it!!!! Now that’s getting a life. Right? Just saying………Vonnie

  • Stu

    So if the gifts came from Santa Bob, who did they go to? Seems like Santa Bob would want these gifts.