Cool Christmas Presents #2

Another popular gift was the Crosley Rochester. Katie wanted something she could play classic Jazz records on. What could be better than a circa 1940s replica record player?

It also plays cassette tapes and CDs, it even has a jack to plug in your iPod for those staunchly planted in the digital age.

I think Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd are getting the most spins these days . . .

3 comments to Cool Christmas Presents #2

  • Thom

    Good on Katie for liking jazz, and old jazz records. Pooder, Elmo and I saw Woody Herman et. al at the Lake Placid Holiday Inn with Mr. MicKunas in 1973. We also saw Bill Chase and his band in Sarasota the same year, just before they died. (Another band taken by an airplane crash.) And Urbie Green played with the APHS band in 1972.

  • Tom weren’t you there when Jelly Roll Mortin did his first Rag in New Orleans?

  • Thom

    I think I missed the Jelly Roll rag. I also missed the apricot delight.