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  • At first I wanted to make a smart-aleck comment about the lawn chairs and cigarette butts on the ground on the other side of the fence from the outdoor shower, but then I figured I must come clean (no pun intended). I am sorry, there were absolutely NO signs of anyone sitting on the other side of the fence from the shower from your visit. But truthfully, I use that shower myself, it is very handy. Although I refrain from doing it au natural. And when the nieces and nephews returned from the beach last Saturday, both the nephews used the shower too. Must be a guy thing.

  • theChristys

    Sometimes, when I got back from fishing and would go out to the shower I would hear a couple of people talking to each other. Soon after I turned the shower on, the voices would become hushed. Not sure if they were trying not to be heard or trying to listen. Either way I kept the singing to the classics so as not to offend.