Travelogue – Lunch with Darryl (and his other brother Darryl)

kayak-sailFlorida has pretty predictable weather patterns, it’s mild and sunny in the morning, not too much wind.  It starts to cloud up between 12-1, the wind also gets stronger, then there is about a 30% chance of rain between 2-5.  This makes planning my kayak fishing easier.  The wind tends to come from the same direction (east) when it gets strong in the afternoon.  I try to be in a position NOT to fight that wind on my return paddle.

This means I often return between 12-1 – lunch time.  Since I can’t launch from the neighborhood like I have done in the past I spend a lot more time at parks, boat launches and sandy clearings by the water.  What I have discovered is; if you work for the city/county/state, or you are part of a yard maintenance crew, plummer, pool cleaner or even a cop, between 11:30 – 1:00 you seek out one of these parks or sandy patches by the side of the road to spend your lunch hour and a half.  Pretty much everyone who does their job in a vehicle does this.  All picnic tables are claimed, some lay in the grass, some never leave their truck.

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings on this.  If I was delivering phone books all day in my truck, I would want to spend my lunchtime in a shady park by the water too.  After all, if you are driving a dually with 6 guys inside and pulling a 30 ft trailer how many lunch options do you have?  On the other hand, a mom taking her kids to the park isn’t really comfortable sharing their picnic table with Chico and the man.  One time I came back to the kayak launch ramp and there was a truck parked on the ramp.  This is not cool.  So, in general, I think this is one of those things that is what it is and you just work with it.

It does make you think what they do everywhere else.  I would have to think we have as many electricians and yard guys running around the suburbs of Houston as they do in Vero Beach, where do they all go???  I know where our yard guys go, our front yard.  When it’s time for lunch they sit against a tree and eat and rest for a while.  Once one of them broke out a hibachi grill.  It’s OK with us, we have known them for many years and the place always looks better when they leave than it did when they got there.

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