Travelogue – Detours

We stay in the house of some good friends.  It’s a block from the beach and there is a park 2 blocks away.  A block in the other direction takes you to the bay where I go kayak fishing.  The house has plenty of room, is nicely decorated and even has a garage where I can store my kayak and fishing gear.  It’s a pretty sweet setup.

In the past I would pull my kayak on a cart down the dead end street where I would launch into the bay.  An older couple lives next to this spot and I asked if it was OK for me to launch here.  They said they owned it and it would be fine as long as I didn’t park a car there.

This year I went by to make sure it was still OK and there was something going on there.  A dock was being built where I used to launch.  Linda and I talked to the old couple and opened a can of worms.  Apparently they didn’t really own the property, they and their neighbors kind of divided it up and took care of it.  It was a super skinny strip of grass along the dead end road.  Well someone bought it from the city.  The neighbors are up in arms, that patch of grass allows cars to turn around, neighbors to get to the water and things like yard maintenance trucks to park to work on the yards.  Motions were filed, cops are coming by, people were going to court, fences and logs now block access.  It’s no bueno.  In the past I would launch from there 4-5 times a week, it looks like I will be loading up the truck instead of the cart.

One of the things we like to do in Vero is to go to Ft Pierce on Saturday mornings.  They have a market there where we buy bread, produce and usually breakfast.  It’s at a park right on the water,  there is live music, food and vendors selling all kinClear-Plastic-Storage-Bins-With-Lidds of stuff.  It’s a great place to spend the morning.  That’s how we started our stay.

We have done these trips a number of times and we have gotten pretty efficient at packing, unpacking and getting setup.  One of the keys to our success are the plastic tubs we use.  They have locking lids and come is several sizes.  By now we know what stuff goes in what tubs and where they get packed in the truck.  During our stay they may act as coffee table, night stand or cloths hamper.  Don’t leave home without them.

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