Travelogue – Florida Bound

One thing we did different this trip was change up when we got gas.  Usually we get down to around a quarter of a tank then pull off and fill up.  These stops may or may not coincide with a meal break.  The reason we wanted to make a change is because on our default schedule we end up at some pretty seedy fuel stops.  One gas station brags that not only do they have gas but a pork rind buffet and casino.  The whole thing is the size of a 7-11.  We managed to avoid this stop this trip.gasstation

Every time I pack the truck for the trip I use a slightly different strategy for lashing down the kayak on the rack I install above bed.  I keep thinking there must be a perfect Eagle Scout type solution.  Most of the time my strategy works but not always, and I never made it to Eagle Scout so I have yet to find the perfect solution.  This time the upside down orange plastic boat that looks like my truck’s Mohawk is holding steady.  One fellow traveler was not so lucky, his kayak looked like the guy in a car chase scene who jumps on the car hanging on by his fingernails while the driver tries to shake him off.  We went around that guy.

Here comes Mobile Alabama.  We pick up the dice, blow on them for luck and let them fly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yahtzee!  No rain, no fog, no 15 mile backup to squeeze through the tunnel 2 by 2 under Mobile Bay.  Of course we had to stop outside the tunnel but only about a quarter mile.  You can’t expect people to drive right into a tunnel without stopping first, what if it’s leaking or scary in there?  All in all it couldn’t have gone much better.

A53G36 Florida s Turnpike Florida tpk Ronald Regan Expressway rest area rest stop service plaza

Florida s Turnpike rest area rest stop service plaza

Florida is now only a couple of rest areas away.  We will have to eat up a good chunk of the panhandle before we stop for the night but the end is in sight.  Speaking of rest areas, Florida and Texas have the best rest areas in the country.  This is appreciated on long journeys especially if you fell for the pork rind buffet earlier in the day.

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