Grand Traditions


Sarah is going to dunk her ring today.  For the 98% of you out there who are not Aggies or related to one, that sounds like a bad thing but for a Fighten Texas Aggie it is a rite of passage.  As a regular reader of this blog you know Sarah got her A&M; […]

Back when WE were in college . . .

Kids today . . . they think college is just one party followed by a get together after a sorority function.  Well I just came across this portal in time, and I remember how it used to be.

Yes, me and my Valedictorian-full-academic-scholarship study partner were getting in a little extra credit work before our […]

and now back to our show

One of my offspring chided me about not having more visual evidence of our NW coast adventure. I attempted to create a really slick slideshow, I have very specific requirements – know what? It’s a huge undertaking and next to impossible in this fast moving blogosphere. Oh sure, i could crank one out in […]

Are you l33t ?


The Oracle told me this was one of many futures . . .

could this be true?

Monkey News


Today I have not one, but two pieces of monkey related news for you.

The Arctic Monkeys, not the ones from the southern hemisphere, the ones from High Green England.  The band is a little British pop, a  generous helping of British punk mixed with a level of energy that can only be maintained […]

Milestone 148.8


After extensive study on the subject, I found out that the “problem” was the external amplifier. The head units have an amplifier built in, it uses a different set of cables if it is to talk to an external amp. I studied the wiring diagrams. I rubbed my hands over themselves, donned my lab […]

Milestone 148.5


So, let’s review.  Sarah’s existing system was a very high end (at least in 2002) Rockford Fosgate outfit, 6 speakers, sub woofer in the trunk, external amplifier and after the CD player went belly up – AM and FM only.  They make small modules that plug in between the head unit and the antenna […]

Milestone 148

There are many life milestones. Personal, professional, successful, not-so-successful, technical and spiritual, anyway you categorize them, there are a lot of them. Sometimes you see them coming from a long way off and sometimes they have come and gone before you recognized them for what they are.

Today I am here to tell you […]

. . . 4 more years! . . . 4 more years! . . .

Yes friends, it’s been 4 years since we started this blog. It seems like only 2005. It wasn’t my first foray into narcissistic publishing, but it has been the most long lived. The inaugural post showed a slightly chilly family standing on the top of Pikes Peak in July of 05. As I sit […]

30 Days of Pork – a true story

Amanda Kelso is the daughter of a friend of mine at work. He told me about Amanda’s “project” some time ago and thought it remarkable. I happened to stumble upon it again while researching alternative medicines made from pork.Here is Amanda’s story in a nutshell – In 2006 she was a 34 yr old ad […]