Does this seem familiar where you live?

Christy Weather

Baby Girls Names by State

I thought this was interesting, I was surprised how homogenous the names were across states.  If you see a woman between 43 and 57 and don’t remember her name just call her Jennifer.


There is an app for that

This phrase has come and gone.  It went from a hugely successful catchphrase to”duh, that’s so obvious” it goes without saying.  I think this was one of those really big shifts (notice I didn’t use the term pyridine shift because I don’t want to be considered one of those people).  It’s one of those changes […]

London Calling

As many of you know Linda and I took a trip to London. Linda went on a business trip then I joined her and we spent 5 days in London. Before I got there the weatherman predicted rain every day of our holiday. When we were sitting in the terminal waiting for our plane home […]