Top 5 reasons Christmas was a success this year

For Linda, it’s all about the snuggles, so she has a new down comforter for her bed. As an added bonus, it came in this great box with a lid and a bow tied around it- just like you see on TV For Sarah the fashion accessory/gadget/communication device de rigor is the Motorola Razr. […]

A Christmas Card for you

Another year another box of Christmas Cards that wasn’t sent. This is a nice picture


Big screen Christmas

We did it, we finally entered the HDTV world. And we have jumped in with both feet.

This Christmas we have given ourselves a brand new HP 58″ DLP HDTV and matching stand.

Here is a link if you want all the geeky detailsHP Pavilion MD5880n 58-inch 1080p

Those of you who know me, know […]

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

We have tickets for Sunday the 18th! I bet you have heard them even if you never heard of them.

We are really looking forward to the show. We try to do some kind of Christmas “event” every year. Sometimes it’s a play or a concert or a production of one kind or another.


Site Tips

Did you know all the previous posts are listed in the archives (on the left navigation area)? Did you know you can see a bigger version of the pictures by clicking on them? Did you know that you can leave comments on each individual entry? You don’t have to register to leave a comment […]