Memorial Weekend Memoir

We did something we hardly ever do, we traveled. I really like to stay sequestered during holiday weekends but on this particular weekend we made an exception.

Linda’s brother Charles was getting married . . . in Alabama . . . at a Pow Wow. How could you say not to that? We couldn’t. Even […]

Big Week

It was a big week in Lake Wobegone. It was Katie’s 18th birthday, the 2008 Orchestra concert and Mother’s Day all the same week. We were appropriately celebratory for each.

Since Katie is president of her orchestra she had a lot to do to prepare for the banquet including giving a small speech […]

Senior Prom

Prom – one of the milestone rights of passage. Seldom does it pass as expected or follow the Disney Channel script, but never the less an event that will become the touchstone of many class reunions.

This was part of Katie’s group. She was the ring leader organizing the dinner and […]