Payoff Moments

Those of you who are also parents share some things with ALL parents. You wonder if your kid(s) are “getting it”. Sometimes it seems like they don’t even hear it. Sometimes . . . Sometimes you have a payoff moment when you hear back some bit of sagely advice you doled out during the formative […]


OK, so I guess no one dreamt of flying (mentioned a few posts back). Some might call that “falling with style”, but this next video is a whole nother deal. I could imagine this actually making it here in Texas (and Florida). Would you try it?


It seemed like a good idea at the time

You know the feeling, in your head the image and scenario you quickly worked out seemed . . . almost, perfect to you. Go for it!

Sometimes the intoxication of the moment allows you to maintain your self deception for far longer that it should. Sometimes common sense starts to stalk you […]