Florida Fun


We had an increasingly rare opportunity to get together as a family for a summer vacation this year.  As the kids have their own commitments and agendas and Linda has her vacation days dictated to her from her employer the lining up of stars and calendar become difficult.

This year, we knew in advance […]

Big Happenings

This past weekend my niece Leanne got married! It was quite the production and I think it came off great. They had it in Gator country (Gainesville FL) but don’t hold that against them. We just got back from our 15 hour drive so I am not at my creative best, but I wanted to […]

Some people just have to ruin it for everyone


There you are, getting comfortable dealing with your customer service person who doesn’t understand the meeting of either of the words in their title. Or maybe your filling out a form for your doctor for the 11th time . . . yes my name is still Bob . . . yes my birthday is […]

New program from HP


Grasshopper – snatch this cliché from by blog


Yes, Kwai Chang Caine has moved on to the next spiritual level (once they got him down from his hotel room closet).  David Carradine star of the TV series Kung Fu which spawned a million living room martial arts demonstrations on little, and not so little, brothers and sisters, is dead at 72.

I […]

Vacation Time


It’s officially summer, the season for air conditioners, sun burn and vacations.  Tired of the same old Grand Canyon, Disney World and various water activities?  While doing research for my theses on “cheeseburgers as an alternate source of energy” I came across this destination. 

Thanks right, it’s the Cumberland Pencil Museum.  Talk about […]