Where it all started . . .

Linda and I went to Jacksonville this weekend for our niece’s baby shower. While we were there we decided to visit Jacksonville University where we met 87 years ago. The surrounding area changed a lot but the campus was still as beautiful as it was back in the day

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How do you know of a USB cable or phone charger is any good?

What you need to know to get the best charge for your phone or tablet. Instructable and video […]

Wait, is that a . . . .

Launching your kayak from the beach to go fishing (often referred to as BTB or beyond the breakers) is not a simple task. Everyone thinks about the waves trying to flip you over

, all that equipment sticking out weighing you down and threatening to become a […]

What do you USE that brings you joy?

Do you have anything that you use on a regular basis that actually makes you happy just using it? It has to have a job other than making you happy like a pen Order Actonel Online no Prescription

, or a pair of shoes or maybe even an appliance.

I have […]

Look at my Lizard Fish!

You’ve heard that thing about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? Turns out that theory works in a lot of different situations.

Perhaps I can use fishing to build an analogy. I go out on my kayak trying to catch a big snook or maybe a redfish

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