I like accessories as much as the next guy

. . . but things seem to be getting a little out of hand with this whole “iPod” thing. My favorite store these days is Fry’s. For those of you not from around here, Fry’s is a GIANT electronics store that pretty much sells anything that runs on electricity. They are mostly in California and […]

My car makes me smile

That’s right, my car. It’s warm here in Houston, even in October. But we have some really great days in the fall. We recently had a few of those. And on those days when I get in my car in the morning or jump in to leave work in the evening, I feel good.

I […]

The time of the Renaissance

It’s that time of year, renaissance Festival time. Every October – November the renaissance Festival comes to town. Actually it’s about 60 miles away from town. This Knight and Fair maiden stuff is big business. The Texas group owns a huge facility in Plantersville TX. They have shops and restaurants and shops and Jousting arenas […]

The night the lights went out in Aggieland

This just in from our student reporter in the field – Sarah

Today about 5:30pm there was a flicker and poof! power went out in Aggieland. All of the Texas A&M; university campus and the two closest towns College Station and Bryan(maybe more) lost power this evening (10/3/06). Traffic lights, TV stations, Radio Stations, ATMs, […]