Geek Humor

I usually spare you most of the techie, geeky puns I come across in my interweb travels.  I even skipped this one the first time I saw it, but it stood the test of time (I thought it was still funny a week later) so I could resist no more.   For those of […]

You Take the Good with the Bad

Sean Connery was my favorite James Bond. He is a man’s man. Rugged good looks, a Scottish accent and an air of unpretentious confidence, Connery is good at playing the Alpha Male. He is one of the most recognizable men in the world. I bet he has had a pretty good life. But . […]

Love Love





Continuing on our LOVE theme;

   Julien Berthier decided to make some boat art.  He took a 21 foot sailboat and cut it in half, sealed the gap, added a keel and a motor and balanced it just right.  Now he has a boat that always looks like it’s […]

It may seem like a good idea at the time


They say love is blind.  They say we do crazy things when we are in love.  “They” have their pictures all over the internet.  This Valentines Day, remember the choices you make may not look that great come Presidents day.  If you do make bad choices, consider not posting them on the web.


TV Hat – it’s for real

For all you iPhone/iPod users out there have we got a product for YOU! All that daylight getting you down? Tired of actually holding your mobile device? Looking to attract attention and make a statement? Then the TV Hat is for you!

For $28 you too can watch YouTube clips in class and have […]