My BristleBot is dead

He’s NOT dead Jim

Long live BristleBot!

During our next meeting I vowed to breath life into all those “broken” bots. In the mean time, Those with working bots would compete int he BristleBot Olympics racing through a cardboard maze, bouncing off plastic pylons, spinning across the finish line.

Back at the 4077, dead […]

They call her BristleBot

3 parts and some tape

Our first Robotics Club meeting was just to get organized, talk about what we would be doing and to see what the kids already new about robots. They were shy for about 12 seconds then the damn broke and we were off an running. They were extremely interested […]

My she was yar . . .

In 1990 we moved from South Florida to Houston

Kup Doxycycline bez recepty

, by way of Pennsylvania, in a Honda Accord. With one infant, one toddler, two car seats, toys, bottles, diapers, the whole shebang. We drove from Boca Raton to York, PA and then from York to Houston. When I […]

Robots are taking over

One of my robot action figures I have been making just for fun

. . . my time that is.


It’s been pretty dead on this site. I have been preoccupied mostly by robots. My other interests such as kayak fishing and writing witty and timely commentaries online have been neglected.

Robotics […]