The one that didn’t get away

We have all heard fish stories, like the one, “like my friend, like he caught this HUGE, like 5 foot long fish with a shoelace, some Ramen and a ping pong paddle, like I know! It was so awesome, and then, like when he went to get his phone to take a picture of it, […]

35 seconds to Glory

It was quite the event, the whole school turned out to watch 30 sorority girls chug a pitcher of beer or in some cases like Sarah – champagne

At stake were pride, bragging rights and completion of one of the events that make up the “full Aggie experience”

My little nipper was able to […]

Grand Traditions


Sarah is going to dunk her ring today.  For the 98% of you out there who are not Aggies or related to one, that sounds like a bad thing but for a Fighten Texas Aggie it is a rite of passage.  As a regular reader of this blog you know Sarah got her A&M; […]

Today’s Tech Note


Windows 7

It’s good.  I have been using it for a couple of months now and I have been impressed.  For most of you the difference isn’t so great as to cause you to immediately run to the store, buy a copy and disrupt your PC world while you go through an upgrade.  BUT  […]

Back when WE were in college . . .

Kids today . . . they think college is just one party followed by a get together after a sorority function.  Well I just came across this portal in time, and I remember how it used to be.

Yes, me and my Valedictorian-full-academic-scholarship study partner were getting in a little extra credit work before our […]