Galveston Bay Surfing

Galveston Bay is home to one of the largest ports in the United States.  Giant container ships and tankers go through the Galveston ship channel every day.  The line up in the Gulf to be inspected.  I am told when things get  real busy they can wait weeks offshore for entrance into the port.  The […]

What do you keep under your bed?

For many years we had a screen door and tubs of CDs under our bed.  I like this better than those big cabinets that sit at the bottom of the bed where the TV levitates straight up.  This is more elegant, although I think someone built this for themselves and it’s not commercially available, it […]

A Texas Slam

  Things have been quiet around here because we have been on vacation.  We rented a beach house in Galveston.  We were there a whole week.  Katie flew down from College and Sarah and Greg stopped by as well.  Fishing was number one on the agenda, and fish we did.  We did surf fishing, wade […]