Not the 70s group, or the colloquialism for money, I am talking the real thing – gluten goodness. In case you missed it (I did) there was a earth shaking moment in the baking world about 2 years ago (Nov 8, 2006). The NY Times published a “no kneed” bread recipe from a guy […]

Wake up to thee Oat-Man, can’t afford ya

One of our potential list developers was unsure of the release date of one of their favorite songs “Wake up to thee Oat-Man, can’t afford ya” although I consider myself quite knowledgeable in the music of the 70s I did not recognize this tune (although that is not a prerequisite for inclusions on any of […]

The List – 1970 – 1979

Back by popular demand, another music challenge. Pull out your Walkman and sharpen your pencil, we are working on a new list.

50 top songs of the 70s

10 most important or influential songs of the 70s 10 songs that scream “this is the 70s!” or epitomize the 70s musically 10 songs that are better […]