For the music lover in you


I couldn’t resist this one.  Music has always been important to me.  We have tried to bring up our children in an environment where they could hear Megadeath to Marley to Mozart but this takes it to a whole new level.

The Lullabelly is some some little speakers stuffed into a padded cummerbund […]

I didn’t forget about my wingman

OK so I put together a killer gaming system.  I know what at least one of you is thinking “hey, what about your wingman, um, winggirl?”  The one who used to watch me play Warcraft (the original from 1994).  At 5 or 6 I taught her to play Warcraft and Warcraft II.  I set up […]

Get your Goo on


As all three of you know, I am a gamer.  I have been playing computer games for 30 years (yes they had computers that long ago).  It’s fair to say I have seen more than my fair share of electronic entertainment efforts.  I have one I would like to share with you.

Even though […]

I have the POWER

Enough about whimppy culinary tricks.  Let me tell you about the awsome power that I have aquired in the latest technology.In the computer gaming world, I had slowly morphed from one of the jocks on the beach to the guy who got sand kicked in his face and suffered as other players stole his health […]