Front Yard Tennis

Hello friends and family. We have one from the archives. I found this while cleaning up my hard drive and thought I would share it with you. I uploaded this short movie to This site is amazing it has everything (for better or for worse) if you have never been there you might want […]

Moving up to the Big Time

As you all know, we are now Texas Aggies. We went to our first Texas A&M; football game with a couple of our friends who happen to be A&M; graduates.

We had (free) seats on the 50 yard line, a parking pass in the front row, a patsy of an opponent, and an invite […]

The NCL girls hit the Runway

Katie and her fellow Junior NCL women put on a fashion show for their chapter. One by one they sashayed down the runway looking absolutely fabulous.

Backstage they carried on like the Carmen Electra and her pals as the parents and press out front clamored for MORE!

a good time was had by all