Summer Vacation part 4

This little park (they actually call it a warming station) is full of weary cyclists and Mexican family reunions but no Linda and Sarah. Could they have passed us while our heads were down? Not likely. I send Katie to backtrack because someone needs to stand here and wait.7 minutes later Katie returns with missing […]

Summer Vacation part 3

Did I mention the wind? I kept thinking if we just come back the same way I will hardly have to peddle, just sit up and use my girth as a sail and make back all that effort I am now expending.

We get to the 100 yard incline. The bike people call it a […]

Summer Vacation part 2

While walking along the Wharf we stopped at a very cool arcade. It had machines from days gone by, some from the early 1900s. There were mechanical fortune tellers, player pianos, giant diorama like displays the size of a king size bed where all the little people and animals would move and spin for only […]

What we did on our Summer vacation

The week of July 21st we went west, all the way to the edge of the continent. We flew into San Francisco, arrived around midnight our time but we decided to seek out a western delicacy called “In n Out Burger”. Their specialty . . . . burgers. They have about 8 items on their […]

Wedding on the beach

As you may know, this past 4th of JulyPatty got married! On the beach! His name is Jay and he has two boys. We just got a bunch of photos on a CD so I though we would share them with our readership. Like always you can click on the picture to get a bigger […]

Ghostly plastic bathtoy flotilla nears UK coast

Residents of the western UK and Irish coasts have been warned to expect an invasion by a vast flotilla of ghostly, immortal albino plastic ducks, according to reports.

The tale of the floating, whitened bird-simulacra migration is a strange one, dating back many years. It seems that the plastic bathtime companions were originally […]