B. B. Wolf as told by Katie and her Bass

This weekend Katie had her Junior Recital for her Bass Performance degree at UNT.  It was a big deal and she practiced long and hard.  She played a range of music from Bach to John Williams to this little ditty just to show some range.

She had a really good turnout with friends, family and […]

Holy Sun Block Batman!

The Secret of the Mysterious Bread Tags Revealed!

Today I will reveal to you the secret and ancient key to fresh bread. You know when you are standing in the bread isle squeezing all those loves of bread? You want only the softest, squishiest Wonder-bread for your PB&J. Or perhaps you are seeking whole grain nirvana for your toast. What you are really […]

Bye Nicky

In 1996 on Christmas Eve I asked my wife to get some batteries from Walmart.  She and the girls returned 30 min later with the batteries and an emotional plea about puppies.  Apparently a man was standing outside Walmart with a shopping cart full of puppies giving them away.  Katie had wanted a pet since […]