Tie me kangaroo down sport

Australian Princes sings

Yes, I remember Sarah when she was 15 or 16, used to come home from school and dress up in her Sheila the Australian Princes outfit and sing her favorite song. Some times she would put on a little show. No matter how many times she sang it, she would […]

I am the Batman

this is what Katie is thinking nah nah nah nah nah . . .


Galveston trip on Sunday

Linda and I went down to Galveston on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and we thought we needed to be outside. We packed our cooler, fishing gear and reading material and headed south in the convertible. There was plenty of traffic, apparently we weren’t the only ones who noticed it was a nice day […]

Dearth Day


Our planet and mother nature, the most powerful force in our world and a painfully delicate flower all at the same time.  The things I read in the paper an magazines make me wonder if the general populace has a clue.  I am not going to get into the whole global warming thing, like […]

We have become soooo popular that . . .

. . . we apparently have a huge following in China. That’s right, those crazy lovers of all things Christy are spending hours (all hours of the day and night) constantly reading and re-reading our site. Just by coincidence I am also starting to get spammed by nonsense comments with scary links posted on stories […]

But wait, the rabbit isn’t dead!

Go ahead – play it again, it’s a classic

Movie Nugget

This week Linda and I watched an enjoyable movie. It is called Young @ Heart. It’s a documentary about a chorus of old people who live in New England called Young @ Heart. There are 20 or so in the group and the average age is 84. They do concerts where […]

Now Playing – The Heavy

I would like to share another piece of music with you from my current favorite album. The band is called The Heavy, the album is called “The House that Dirt Built”. They have a gritty quality, they have horns and they sound like rock and roll to me. With the energy of young band today […]

The coolest nerdiest idea of the week

Google prints your message and an envelope with a map highlighting driving directions between the From: and the To: […]


Sarah was watching so many at a time we were concerned about a Lost induced coma. When the kids went back to school they had to feed their habit online, Hulu and ABC. […]