3D – How much you gonna spend?

In the consumer technology field today there is nothing with more buzz than 3D. This isn’t the first time. 3D movies have been around since the 1890s – that’s right 1890 with a 1-8 (sorry Avatar you are over 100 years late). In the 1950’s their popularity spiked again. we are all familiar with the […]

Econo Car

It has only 6 cylinders. It gets 19mpg in the city. It gets 30mpg on the highway. Are you kidding me? That is better than a 2007-2010 Toyota Camry! […]

Music Post #1

One of the features of this application is the ability to offer media (using a plugin) to my readers to sample. I thought I might give it a try with a new song I am listening to. I would like to know if it works on your computer.

______Broken Bells _______The High Road______


What […]

This just in – the rumors are true

It has been confirmed. Several days ago while on spring break a Lionel Richie fish was caught off the coast of Alabama looks none too happy, Katie ecstatic. Publicist for the Commodores claims band has put reunion plans on hold


Spring Break 2010

This year UNT and Texas A&M had spring break at the same time. Linda and I took the week off. We all packed out bags and tackle boxes loaded up in our perspective Expeditions and headed for Alabama. Yup, Alabama. Ft Morgan to be exact. It’s west of Gulf Shores and east of Dauphin Island. […]

Cha Cha Changes

As mentioned earlier, Blogger gave me the boot. Now, I am a WordPress man. This new sleeker, cooler, more exciting than ever interface is going to make my posts smarter, funnier and 50% more impressive. Speaking of impressive, all of our previous banter and words of wisdom has been preserved and still lives in the […]

Best coffee mug EVER


I don’t know how much you know about photography, but you don’t have to be into it long before you figure out that there is the OK stuff, the good stuff and the stuff you want but can only justify in conjunction with some random gambling windfall.  Canon and Nikon pretty much own the […]

Give the kids a jump rope


There was an interesting story today in the paper.  Apparently, kids in Massachusetts, in PE class jump rope without any rope.  Why you ask?  Is the school system in Mass. so poor that they can’t afford ropes?  No, it is because . . . . they don’t want them to feel bad if they […]