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Graphic evidence of the effects of methamphetamine use



In 2007 Irish police noticed an alarming trend: They had written more than 50 tickets to one driver, a Prawo Jazdy. In traffic stops he had offered Polish credentials with varying addresses, and the repeated citations had failed to improve his driving.

In […]

TempHold is dead, long live TempHold

OK, this is too obscure for everyone except for 3 people. Let me explain. We have been vanguards in the digital lifestyle. Many years ago I shared a hard drive inside my desktop to gather files that we all wanted to access. About 4 years after tha I installed a media server (a HP Media […]

How did they get here?

Marketing Guy: OK, our new catch phrase is “Wakes you up with every bite” Ad Guy: sounds great Marketing Guy: I am thinking something edgy, something that will grab peoples attention Ad Guy: Maybe something with a 60s mod feel, bright colors psychedelic background? Marketing Guy: Nah, not edgy enough, we need something […]

Some music holds up a lot better than others

There are always big iconic hits to mark your musical progression. They are like touchstones, they let you say “that was a great time/genre/band and maybe it was. Or, maybe, it was an

anomaly, a kind of freak musical accident that produced something great. Perhaps it’s just your nostalgia that elevates it beyond it’s […]

Some People have Bad Jobs

This was a German ad campaign for an employment agency, the text in the pictures say Life’s too short for a bad Job Some of them border on the creepy but I think they are pretty effective. . My favorite is the guy pedaling the kids ride. I also like […]