The American Psyche boiled down to one question – should I have a cookie?

The Nobel prized were just handed out a few weeks ago. Everyone around the world hears about the winners. No one hears about who was almost as good but came in second. In between searching for a cure for stupidity and studying tacos as an alternative energy source, I discovered the 2nd place thesis for […]

Halloween is Great

As mentioned before, Halloween is at the top of my list. Of course, it’s in the fall so that in itself gives it a huge boost. Over the years, I have found that it’s not the kids who have the cutest costumes, but the dogs. Now I enjoy the sexy French Maid, sexy Devil and […]

Airbag for Your Head

More fun from Sweden. Below you will find the latest fashion-safety accessory. It is called the Hovding. It costs about $450 and will make you look like a supermodel. There is also a video for your viewing pleasure. At first I found it mildly interesting, then I thought “maybe this product has real Merritt”. But […]

Never too old for a ride in the wagon

Fred Keller and Judy Foster live in Alaska, Wasilla to be exact, and they built themselves a wagon. It’s just like the ones they had when they were kids except they don’t need to ask anyone to pull them. Fred – 68, built it from a Mazda pick up truck, fiberglass, foam and marine […]

Fall Makes Me a Better Person

. . . which isn’t that hard to do after summer. When we finally get a break from the heat and humidity, when you can open up the house and let the breeze blow through, when going out into the full sun doesn’t melt your hair, that’s when I feel best. I smile more. I […]

Emergency Bra

“Quick! we are under nucular attack – give me your bra!”

“Really dear, it’s not what you think, there was a mustard gas threat, I was just taking the proper precautions.”

“Janie, it’s not you, it’s me. I just need more . . .air that’s why I am riding with Rachel”

These things just […]