Exercise your brain

I have seen this one on the interwebs a few times. I don’t know if I buy the pre-schooler claim. It could be that it took me way more than 5 min to figure it out and I am just bitter. If your brain overheats trying to figure it out, go to Google image search […]

Make Named Oil?

Damn Lag

I usually don’t like most religious jokes but this one is an exception.  This will completely miss the mark for some of you.  Trust me when I say this one isn’t really disrespectful.  How funny it is to you, is directly proportional to how much time you spend playing games online.

lag – […]

Who says pro wrestling isn’t real?

Some say, it’s entertainment, some say it’s a fraud, some even say the winners are predetermined.  It used to be that the thugs of the sport would resort to chairs, then, tables but today fed by our violent and gratuitous society the underhandedness that these athletes are capable of . . . well . . […]