Hitler wants a TouchPad

Hitler wants a TouchPad […]

Handbags that “jump from paper”

Taking a break from macho activities like fishing, kayaking and driving trucks. Sometimes you just have to give the readers what they want (besides mums, . . . it’s that time of year). I have for you my satchel toting amigas some very hip bags. These are sketched on paper then made into “real” […]

yippy ki yay

We passed another milestone in our continuing evolution. We bought a pickup truck. Anyone who has grown up in Texas or lived here for any amount of time will suspect something may be wrong with you if you don’t have a pickup truck in your family. We are misfits no more. […]

Rockport Fishing Vacation

Linda, Katie and I just got back from spending 4 days in the Rockport TX area. We rented a house on a canal that leads to Compano Bay. The house had a boat slip and even it’s own boar ramp so we took our fishing boat with us and boy are we glad we did. […]