Google is giving me the boot


This blog is written and managed with a tool called, it is owned by Google.  They encourage you to blog using their space, servers, domain and their tool to manage it.  I have bucked the trend by using my own (rented) server, space, domain and their tool to manage posts.

Well I got […]

The world keeps turning


Today the world got a little less tasty.  20 years ago when we moved to Texas there were a lot of things to get used to, new friends, new ways of saying things and new BBQ.

In Florida we were big Sonnys fans, it was our favorite BBQ.  But Sonny himself vowed not to […]

Uprising at Engadget is a site that talks about electronics with a heavy emphasis on computers and phones but if you plug it in or it can run on batteries I wouldn’t  be surprised to see it on their site.

They talk about upcoming products and roomers, they have some hands on reviews but they are […]